Muir of Dinnet NNR team

The Muir of Dinnet NNR team is based at the reserve office, at the Burn O’Vat visitor centre.  They work closely together with a varied workload, to ensure that the reserve is managed professionally with enthusiasm and commitment.  It consists of the following members of staff:

Catriona Reid – Reserve Manager. Catriona takes the lead in all aspects of reserve management and far prefers being outdoors to desk based work. She describes her role as “whatever’s needing done”. She and her team carry out conservation management, monitoring, footpath repair, education, events and visitor management on the Reserve.

Kirstin Mair – Seasonal Reserve Assistant. Kirstin regularly patrols the reserve and is the person you’re most likely to bump into in the summer months. She assists with all aspects of reserve management and leads on  putting out our FB posts.

Daryl Short – Daryl our estate worker helps carry out practical management on the reserve and provides a wealth of advice based on his keen interest in nature particularly birds.