Let it Snow – Muir of Dinnet NNR

Well, it’s snowed this week, And, boy, did it snow on Monday, for 12 hours solid. It’s been a long time since we had such a prolonged snow ‘shower’ and it dumped several inches of snow on the reserve. While the roads are a pain (when the weather people say ‘icy on untreated surfaces’, it pretty much describes my journey to work), it makes the reserve look so beautiful. I do like the snow, it seems to wipe the world clean for a wee while and hide all the man-made stuff in the landscape. Many thanks to Rachel for supplying most of the pictures in this week’s blog.

Snowy waymarker

Snowy trees

Snowy tree stump

Snowy bushes

The trees look amazing with all the snow caught on the branches – a beautiful monochrome world that, later on, when the sun came out, turned dazzlingly white and blue.

Snow on birch trees

Trees flattened with snow

Snowy birch

The cold weather has at least partially frozen the lochs. You get some fantastic patterns in the ice.

Loch Kinord with snowy hills behind

Snowy Loch Kinord

Snowy Kinord

Snowy rushes

Ice on loch

The ducks don’t approve of the their world being made smaller by the lochs freezing. But it can be a good time to see them as they often sit out on the ice.

Ducks and swans on the ice

And, if you want a bit of innocent amusement, just watch them trying to get around on the ice on webbed feet. Here’s a video from a couple of years back of two whooper swans trying and failing to walk on the ice. https://www.facebook.com/muirofdinnetnnr/videos/245451829507497/

Walking on ice isn’t easy.

It’s a massive contrast to the conditions that they’ve been having 35 miles away on the coast. I’ve been grumbling that I can’t get at the muirburn and my colleagues at Forvie sent me this picture…look, no snow!

Looking out onto Forvie beach

From the weather forecast, it looks like all the snow will be gone by next week, so we might as well make the best of it while we can. Here’s a few pictures to finish with of some snowy scenes.

Snowy boardwalk footsteps

Snowy Vat

Frozen Loch Davan and snowy Morven

Snowy trees on Monday

Snow shadows



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