Winter Wonderland – Muir of Dinnet NNR

Just a short blog today, folks, as our main blog is coming out on Sunday for World Wetlands Day. But we had to share some pictures with you of the trees this week. We had our first real snowfall of the winter early on Tuesday morning and woke up to a picture-perfect winter wonderland. The first hint we had was coming over Queens View (the Deeside one overlooking Tarland – I’m aware there are several ‘Queen’s Views’ in Scotland).

White -not dark – Lochnagar

And the road down to the visitor centre was lined with snow-laden trees.

Arriving at work – the road near the visitor centre

As the sun came up, the colours just got brighter and brighter.

A snowy journey to work…the road by Burn o Vat.

The car park and lawn were pure white. It looked like about 4 inches of snow had come down overnight.

Burn o Vat centre and car park

The view from the front door

It was one of those rare mornings where the cloud had time to clear before dawn and it wasn’t windy, so the sky was blue and the snow hadn’t been blown off the trees. It’s a pretty rare combination (and becoming even rarer, as we see less snow as the climate warms) that makes for a stunningly beautiful morning. So here are a heap of photos of Tuesday morning – enjoy.

Every twig is laden with snow.

Backlit snow

Snowy birch and pine

Snowy trees

Snowy trees

Snowy birches

Great-spotted woodpecker

Snowy trees

Snowy willow

Snowy birch

Snowy trees

Snowdrops. In the snow.

Snow on every twig


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