Comings and Goings at Muir of Dinnet NNR

Changes are afoot at Dinnet. We haven’t seen a swallow since last weekend. Before that there were still plenty zooming around the skies feeding up on insecst but most seem to have taken advantage of the northerly winds to hitch a lift southward. It’s amazing to think that what we think of as “our” swallows will be in Africa in a few weeks, snapping up insects disturbed by elephants or zebras!


“Gathering swallows twitter in the skies”….or sit on lines before departing for the winter. Swallows and house martins here.

However, the swallows are being replaced by some winter visitors from further north. With the temperature having dropped so much, we think it’s really cold, but it’s nothing compared with the winters even further north. Redwings have arrived from Scandinavia and the woods are suddenly full of their high-pitched “tseep” calls. The first ones appeared on the 4th Oct and we’re expecting even more in the coming fortnight.


Redwing. They look a lot like our thrushes but have red “armpits” and a pale eye-stripe.

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